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PTSponsor.com was launched on 2007, the website's primary mission is to keep netizens worldwide informed of developments in sponsoring foreign physical therapists working in the U.S..

Since our content is very specific to foreign physical therapists wishing to work in the United States, PTsponsor.com and its related websites are today one of the most-frequently visited sites for the Latest News about physical therapy sponsorship, exam taking and other career related articles. As a result, currently we have a dedicated traffic of over 5,000 page impressions each day from various parts of the world.

PTSponsor.com has a clean layout and streamlined content which ensures that your ad will get seen. It has a highly credible ad environment which builds your integrity. Editorial longevity means your ad will generate leads for months or even years.

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PTsponsor.com emphasizes topics that cater to the constantly evolving physical therapy profession. Our readers are interested in learning more and improving their skills. Furthermore, they are interested in migrating to the U.S. Articles feature people, products, websites, lawyers, agencies and all the 50 states. Because of the highly useful nature of our content, our subscribers not only read PTSponsor.com thoroughly but they also visit regularly.

We are strictly dedicated to sponsoring physical therapists.

  • We advertise on major newspapers around the globe.
  • We communicate directly to physical therapists wishing to work in the United States.     
  • No wasted time sorting through irrelevant information
  • Jobs posted immediately  
  • Let the job seeker know everything about your company
  • No charge for logos or hyperlinks.     
  • Individualize your job post.
  • You control your job post
  • Edit/refresh your job post anytime

Our Marketing Efforts:

PTsponsor.com continually reaches out to foreign physical therapists wishing to work in the United States.

We have contacted more than 150 physiotherapy schools in India and more than 100 physical therapy schools in the Philippines. Our postcards and brochures are posted on conspicous places on these campuses. Aside from these, we also contacted more than 100 other physiotherapy schools in United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, China and more.

We have also advertised in major newspapers around the world. PTsponsor.com boasts more than 100,000 hits a month worldwide and we are not stopping. We continue to further our marketing efforts through magazines, social bookmarking, web directories, search engine submissions, forums and ,most of all, through word of mouth.

PTsponsor.com has the most comprehensive information for a foreign physical therapist to work in the United States. We offer information about the licensure process, examination and immigration. 

We continue to improve our products in order to serve you better.

Thank you for visiting PTSponsor.com.

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